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Performance Videos

San Miguel Chapel is a perfect venue for live performance

as well as video and sound recordings.

All monies collected towards using the chapel  

for your performance go towards the preservation fund.


San Miguel Chapel is a venue, not a promoter or presenter.

Performers are given a guideline and promotional resources

 to reach Santa Fe and NM audiences. 


Event content and presentation is carefully curated to protect and honor the sanctity of this sacred space.Below are some music videos taped inside the chapel as well

as some short clips of a variety of performances during the past years.

Please contact us with your proposal to perform, record, film or tape. Please include links of live performances.There are restrictions.



A. Vivaldi String concerto in G minor RV156

Allegro- Adagio- Allegro

(Video: L. Fiorentino)



Vivaldi from String concerto in C major 

Second movement: Adagio

(Video: L. Fiorentino)


G.Zavateri concerto primo opus1 "Introducione" in G Major

Largo spiccato, allegro assai, largo, allegro, largo- Allegro

(Video: L. Fiorentino)

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