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Several preservation and restoration projects may be in process at any given time

in addition to the semi-annual routine mud plastering of the parapets (tops of outside walls) and wall bases where the chapel walls meet the ground. Currently, there is planned a restoration and repair of the chapel roof to support a donated solar power system. 

Please click HERE for the latest "Mud Blast" newsletter from Cornerstones Community Partnerships and learn more about this wonderful organization committed to restore historic buildings in the Southwest!

Click HERE to read the story of Director Emeritus David K.Blackman  who for two decades worked to build relationships and connections towards chapel preservation.

To learn more about E Boyd, the woman, who restored the altar screen in 1955, click HERE




Adobe Wall Restoration

A room was added to the north side of the Chapel long ago and had served as a

gift-shop / entrance for visitors for many years. During the summer months of 2020, after the gift shop had been closed and emptied, Cornerstone Community Partnerships along with Saint Michael's High School repaired and restored the exterior wall of the Chapel (interior wall of the gift-shop). Introduced by David Blackman, Chapel Director Emeritus, this video shows you the incredible transformation from beginning to end.

Bi-Annual Chapel Preservation
Twice a year, in the spring and fall, the Chapel parapets (tops of the external walls),
and portions of external walls and buttresses must be re-plastered with adobe mud.
This repairs damage due to weather . Here you will see the process in action with Cornerstone Community Partnerships interns and Master Plasterer, Don Sena. 
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